Health condition we can help

In our clinic,Acupuncture and TCM are effective in treatment of many existing Condition such as:

  •  Headaches/Neck pain
  •  Stress Induced Condition
  •  Blood Pressure
  •  Digestion issue/Bloating/Reflux
  •  P M S/ Menopause
  •  Tennis Elbow/Sport Injuries
  •  Knee/ Back Pain
  •  Weight Management
  •  Low Energy/Sleep Issues
  •  Arthritis

Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to achieve ongoing and optimal health throught variosus methods:

  •  Prevent Seasonal Problems(eg sinus,hay fever,flu)
  •  Strengthen Immune
  •  Addressing Minor Symptoms Early
  •  Nutrition and Lifestyl advice
  •  Balancing Constitution
  •  Health Tea Range
  •  Tai Chi & Meditation Retreats