Weight Loss/Management

Package:                              Weight Loss/Management

Treatment:                         5-10 Sessions (as a general guide)

Related to:                          How long depends on what percentage one is over-weight, 10% 20% etc. Weight loss can also be dependent on whether you are taking medication or not.

What to expect:               Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture approach to Weight loss/management is to work out which system of the body is out of balance (stomach, spleen, liver, intestine or kidney). Then the practioner will employ the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs to strengthen the system. It’s also important to work out what type of food (cold energy or warm energy) is more suitable and what time to exercise to suit your system. After a few treatments you will notice improved metabolism and water retention with less bloating. You will also begin to feel lighter with more energy. Expect to lose 2-4kg.