About the book

We have written a new book called ‘What is Acupuncture?’
It is available for purchase in hard copy and also in ebook format.

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Book Contents

  • A simple explanations of an eastern wisdom

Our purpose for writing this book
As Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, we achieve only a portion of what we are capable of. Very often we are limited by peoples lack of understanding of what TCM and acupuncture can offer. For people who are accustomed to modern Western medicine they may approach us to treat specific ailments and expect specific results during a single treatment. Although seemingly more subtle on the surface, TCM can offer so much benefit to ones health and wellbeing. However, in order for results to be fully realized the client needs to understand more about TCM – both to allow the time and conditions for treatment to take effect and also to take a more active role in their own health through simple lifestyle adjustments.

If a client stops treatment at the first sign of improvement, while addressing the surface issues, this approach doesn’t allow time to treat the problem in its entirety and eliminate the root cause. Given a few more treatments a much deeper level of healing can be reached, thereby guarding against a recurrence. Given this expectation of immediate results from the client, a practitioner often does not have the time needed to explain nor treat with the thoroughness required to truly heal.

While Western medicine can use strong drugs which can often overpower symptoms immediately, TCM operates on a philosophy of creating the optimal environment for the body to support its own healing. TCM works more collaboratively with the body for long term healing as opposed to dominating it in the short term to achieve immediate but often unsustainable relief. Without this understanding and participation from clients is difficult for a practitioner to achieve the best results for their clients.