Client experience

Hi, my name is Christina and I am a fan of acupuncture for forty years! As a passionate ski racer I broke twice both legs (ankles, tibia and fibula) tore both Achilles tendons – and much more! It is now forty years since I have acupuncture regularly and I can honestly say that without those ‘magic needles’ I would be a miserable person because the pain in my legs caused by poor circulation would just have killed my posirtive spirit.
When I lie down on Lu Zheng’s or Wu Zhu’s warm and comfortable treatment table I imagine a beautiful mountain in the Himalaya’s with terraced rice fields all the way down into the valley. Some fields are greener than others: the well-irrigated fields are lush and green. The fields with poor irrigation are brown and dead. Water is their lifeline. The needles, acupuncture, are the lifelines for my body. They can reach into all different layers of the body, they stimulate and revive. I feel wonderfully energised and light on my feet when I hop off the treatment table.
Through acupuncture I can enjoy a much better quality of life and can continue to do sports for many years to come. I would like to recommend acupuncture for everybody because pain is a terrible companion for life!

Sophie (Psychotherapist)
I have seen Lu Zheng on a weekly basis for almost ten years, apart from when she took her maternity leave. My health and well-being has improved dramatically in that time and I am much more balanced & stress-free within my entire life. As a diabetic, I have had to cope with various issues along the way and I believe that Lu’s excellent care has enabled me to maintain optimum management of my condition. The acupressure massage in itself is wonderful & very relaxing, but the appropriately directed acupuncture also keeps my whole system functioning holistically very well.
Lu’s energy is light and bright, and her rooms reflect this too, so my weekly visits are a delight, in all ways. I cannot recommend Lu’s Chinese Healing practice highly enough…and, totally selfishly, am relieved that maternity leave will not limit my regular and much-enjoyed attendance again!!!

What did I expect? I have been to numerous acupuncture treatments previously when I was sick or injured before seeing Lu. I was very run down and stressed and as usual ended up with bronchitis. Lu had come highly recommended by a friend and I didn’t really say anything to Lu re my condition or work. I was so sick I was just expecting some relaxation really.
Treatment itself? Is a fabulous combination of feeling the pulse so Lu works out what is required rather than me talking. It encompasses Massage and acupuncture. Having recently twisted my knee, the treatments Lu gave using heat were amazing. Advice? Initially I took 1 small container of pills to clean my lungs, which was fabulous. Lu’s knowledge on the body, climate seasons etc is incredible so for 6 months I have been learning about what is naturally best for the body. I have been trying to maintain health rather than going just when I’m sick or injured and then need her urgently!
Impression of the advice? It is so natural and makes sense that I always understood and the advice has been perfect. Changes after few treatments? Mentally renewed as well as physically. Amazing to feel so well. Lu understands the body so well she always hits the right treatment. I have walked out of every treatment amazed. Each treatment is varied and Lu is extremely generous. She gives 100% every time. I am never hurried and her relaxed manner is instantly felt.
My understanding? Is limited! I just feel the instant relief and improvement in well being that I don’t try and understand it. I have no doubts on the effect of my treatments. Due to previous illness, I do believe in finding the root of the problem versus treating the symptoms so traditional Chinese medicine really assists in this. Total well being vs. waiting for the next disaster to hit. Lu is now assisting in maintaining my health and balance.

What did you expect from an acupuncture treatment? At my first appointment with Wu Zhu I was unsure what to expect, but had been recommended to try acupuncture treatment by family and friends. What is your impression of the treatment? I am a believer of acupuncture as a treatment and the more holistic approach on Chinese medicine. What advice you took from the treatment you think is useful? Yes definitely, the specific advice on issues and the more holistic approach has been very beneficial to my health and well being. What is your impression of the advice? The advice is appropriate to treat the ailment, and very considered and specific to my requirements. Given the specificity of the advice I believe I receive treatment that had led to an improvement in my wellbeing. What are the changes over time after a few treatments? I felt a benefit from the very first treatment I received with the benefits increasing over time. I also really resonate with the natural approach of eastern medicine, in comparison to western medicine.