How to make the most of your treatment

Develop a positive and relaxed mind set for the day. A good treatment is like sending love back your body

Leave yourself time before and after therapy so that you do not feel rushed and are free to integrate the treatment beyond just the treatment itself. If you can devote some time to staying relaxed both before and after for this you will benefit further.

Plenty of deep breathing helps achieve results at a deeper level. Breathing is strongly connected to our mind. Breathing speed is a reflection of the speed of our mind – when we are busy and stressed our breathing is shallow and fast. We can use our breath to control the speed of our mind. As your mind slows down the body becomes free to work at its own pace without being overstimulated by the mind. In this relaxed state the body is more able to open and accept treatment.

Try not to expect too much from the therapy. Do not create undue stress and pressure on yourself which may cause you to be less relaxed and responsive. Remaining open and accepting of the results creates a space of relaxation, a better environment for healing. Different sessions can feel very different. This depends on many things ranging from the state of the client, the weather, the treatment selected by the therapist or how receptive the clients’ body is on that particular day. Although some treatments can feel more impactful than others every treatment has its place in the overall course of treatment. If you find a therapist which feels right for you, booking in a few appointments (even as few as 3 to 4) helps your body know and trust that it is on a healing ‘journey’. Although perhaps seemingly strange, just knowing this can often start to improve a clients condition as the burden of concern weighing on both mind and body eases, thereby allowing the healing process to begin.

Try not toeat too much food and have sufficient warm water before treatment. A full stomach stretches the digestive system too much and uses much of the body’s resource. Aim for 30-70% of full. You should have your treatment about an hour after food (or longer) but not when you are hungry. The body should essentially feel very comfortable and relaxed. After a treatment you may find that you are less hungry as the body’s energy flow improves and less energy is needed from food.

It takes a few treatments to heal imbalance at a deeper level and understand your own body energy in a deeper level. Allow a few sessions before assessing its overall impact. As your body gets back to a good balance you will find yourself a happier person with a greater capacity for patience and tolerance.