Health tips

One of the secrets of staying healthy is to never make yourself too tired. If the tiredness happen s too often the body will become sick.

For those with chronic problems and low energy ear massage and hair brushing stimulate the meridians in the head. A hot foot bath is also helpful as it assist circulation throughout the whole body.

Have regular meal times in similar quantities on each day, allowing the body to regulate its rhythms around these activities. By doing this we can reduce degeneration as the body doesn’t have to expend energy to cope with constant change.

Walk 100 steps after each meal. This should be a very slow walk so that the blood doesn’t rush to the legs but rather just flows better. Relax when you walk,become aware of your body, breathe deeply and engage in a walking meditation.

While stronger foods stimulate us, plain foods help achieve a more balanced mind and emotions.

For neck and back problems it is important to treat them early. In this case, prevention is really The key. Once we get to the point of cure we will often have suffered a host of other related symptoms already which can be difficult to then treat or it takes longer.

Lifestyle changes can often take effort for the first 3 months, after which point they become a part of you. Be gentle with yourself at the beginning and be persistent in your attempts.