What is Acupuncture

TCM has many tools, the best known of which is Acupuncture. Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles into the skin at specific acupoints which helps remove blockages and encourages balanced flow within the body. Applied at ‘meridians’ or pressure points and administered with great skill, acupuncture can either increase flow or slow it down as needed. As with a modern traffic jam caused after an accident, acupuncture is the policeman who helps clear cars away and re-establishes order and flow to the intersection.

In our clinic ,the most comment condition we are treating are:

  •  Headaches/Neck pain
  •  Stress Induced Condition
  •  Blood Pressure
  •  Digestion issue/Bloating/Reflux
  •  P M S/ Menopause
  •  Tennis Elbow/Sport Injuries
  •  Knee/ Back Pain
  •  Weight Management
  •  Low Energy/Sleep Issues
  •  Arthritis

What does treatment involve? Is it painful?
In our clinic , we usually start a treatment with some Acupressure to help the client start to relax in order to achieve a better result of the treatment . Then A few fine needles are inserted through the skin. Some clients may experience slight numbness , heaviness or distention. The needles we used in our clinic are all disposable , and they are all good quality and very smooth. A lot of clients don’t feel the needle at all . The needles are then usually left in position for 20 minutes before removed. With most clients the experience of acupuncture treatment is a deep relaxation . Because the treatment is a energy rebalance. By needling at carefully selected points, the Acupuncturist re-establishes the normal circulation of energy, restoring the body’s balance, and allowing the client to retune to a better health condition .

After treatment , when can improvement be expected to occur?
Many clients may notice some improvement in their symptoms after the treatment . Others notice improvement after several hours or days, even rarely after one or two weeks. This depend on how long they had this health condition, and how sensitive their body type is.

There are vast differences between acupuncture prescribed by a TCM practitioner and other types of health practitioners such as chiropractors. when we receive acupuncture from a non-TCM health professional their goal is to treat the symptom which you present with – a headache, a sore back. A TCM practitioner undergoes many years of study to understand the dynamics of your body’s systems. They diagnose and treat the root cause of your symptoms as opposed to just treating the symptom itself. TCM doesn’t treat the surface symptom but rather assists in rebalancing the body so that it can best begin to reverse and health the underlying root cause of our symptoms.

Please also read our page on “what we do” and ” How to make the most of your treatment” for more understanding.