What we do?

Acupuncture and TCM are effective in treatment of many existing Condition such as

  •  Headaches/Neck pain
  •  Stress Induced Condition
  •  Blood Pressure
  •  Digestion issue/Bloating/Reflux
  •  P M S/ Menopause
  •  Tennis Elbow/Sport Injuries
  •  Knee/ Back Pain
  •  Weight Management
  •  Low Energy/Sleep Issues
  •  Arthritis

Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to achieve ongoing and optimal health throught variosus methods:

  •  Prevent Seasonal Problems(eg sinus,hay fever,flu)
  •  Strengthen Immune
  •  Addressing Minor Symptoms Early
  •  Nutrition and Lifestyl advice
  •  Balancing Constitution
  •  Health Tea Range
  •  Tai Chi & Meditation Retreats

What should I expect from a TCM treatment?

A TCM practitioner will use a number of methods to assess your level of health and balance. The assessment is made not only on physical cues but also with consideration for your emotional state, which is often the result of a physical imbalance.

A TCM practitioner assesses where your inherent weaknesses are, where your current imbalances are and uses a range of tools in order to help rebalance your body. They also provide you with knowledge on lifestyle to help you maintain balance in future.

TCM treats everybody as an individual. Everyone is unique. Unlike western medicine, there is not the same prescription for the same problem in each person. Two people may come in for the same issue but treatment will depend not on the symptom, which appears the same in both people, but rather on the underlying cause.

How does TCM acupuncture differ from that given by another type of healthcare professional?

When we receive acupuncture from a non-TCM health professional their goal is to treat the symptom which you present with e.g. a headache, a sore back.

A TCM practitioner undergoes many years of study to understand the dynamics of your body’s systems. They diagnose and treat the root cause of your symptoms as opposed to just treating the symptom itself. They focus rebalancing the body so that it can best begin to reverse and heal the underlying root cause of our symptoms.

Can TCM Be used for prevention?

Absolutely. While TCM can address existing issues effectively its ideal is focused on preventing ill health rather than waiting until we become ill before seeking treatment. This is a different perspective from that of western medicine. TCM can address health issues while they are still in their early stages. Unlike Western medicine which often waits for acute pain or symptoms, TCM recognises that even mild discomfort is a sign of imbalance


Treatment Length

As a rule of thumb, the more chronic a condition the longer courses of treatment are required. Following are some rough guides as to treatment length by severity of symptoms.

Acute condition (Up to 1 month),takes about 1 – 3 treatments
Chronic, short term(1 – 6 months)takes about 3 – 6 treatments
Chronic, medium term(6 – 12 months)takes about6 – 12treatments
Chronic, long term(1 – 3 years or more),takes More than 12 treatments

After one treatment people with chronic conditions may feel a little bit ‘tired’. As the treatment relaxes the bodies tension on the surface the deeper level of tiredness then surfaces. This kind of tiredness and lack of strength usually dissipates quickly (a few days). It’s important to do all we can to help the body heal itself in the few days following treatment such as;
Drinking a lot of warm water to help detoxify the body
Having small meals (eating only 60-70% of what you need) to help reduce the burden on the body and allow the energy move through the organs so that the body can help heal itself.
Eating foods which are thoroughly cooked helps make the digestion process easier for the body.
Avoid eating food with strong flavours as they stimulate the body and don’t allow it to rest as it needs.
Resting well, going to sleep early.

For chronic conditions present for over 6 months it usually takes 1 to 3 treatments before we start to see improvement. The condition can fluctuate at first (getting better and then worse) but after 3 to 6 treatments a significant improvement and stabilisation of the condition can be achieved. As treatment rebalances the body and all its systems this process can take some time and an adjustment phase as each system in the body shifts.

Response to treatment also depends on how much the client cooperates with treatment. Some clients may try to do too much too soon, thinking that a slight improvement marks the right time to go back to old habits. This concept does not align with TCM treatment and can undo a lot of progress made through treatment. TCM works on subtle levels and at times even though a client may feel better or even ‘well’ the cause itself may still be present. It often takes a few treatments even after feeling better to consolidate the healing and truly allow the body the opportunity to reach its optimal strength and balance.