What is TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient form of medicine practiced for over 5,000 years and currently used by over one third of the world’s population.

TCM is based on the principle that we are part of nature – it exists both around us and within our body. We reach optimal health when we live in harmony with nature and when we achieve that balance within ourselves.

As well as the more commonly known tool of acupuncture, TCM treatment comprises of methods such as acupressure, moxabustion, massage and herbal medicine to name a few.

A large component of a TCM treatment is advice related to nutrition, exercise, sleep and lifestyle which guides us on living in harmony with nature. How we live and what we do each day has close ties to nature and the passing seasons. Just as animals and plants go through lifecycle and development phases which relate to the seasons, in order to live optimally, so should we.

What should I expect from a TCM treatment?

A TCM practitioner will use a number of methods to assess your level of health and balance. The assessment is made not only on physical cues but also with consideration for your emotional state, which is often the result of a physical imbalance.

A TCM practitioner assesses where your inherent weaknesses are, where your current imbalances are and uses a range of tools in order to help rebalance your body. They also provide you with knowledge on lifestyle to help you maintain balance in future.

TCM treats everybody as an individual. Everyone is unique. Unlike western medicine, there is not the same prescription for the same problem in each person. Two people may come in for the same issue but treatment will depend not on the symptom, which appears the same in both people, but rather on the underlying cause.